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Bradely Tate - Nexa Mortgage - Advantage Media Partners LLC

Bradley Tate Mortgage Broker – Website Design & Build

Bradley Tate Mortgage Broker Landing Page

CATEGORIES:  Web Design, Custom Website, Real Estate, Mortgage Broker

ABOUT THIS PROJECT: BHaving a profile on a company website simply does not cut it for Mortgage Brokers or Lenders. There are simply too many options for a user to click off your profile page or to browse elsewhere, and all the profiles are exactly the same, it’s easy to switch to a new profile and not even realize it. Plus how is a potential client supposed to even find your page within the parent site? Bradley Tate recognized these shortcomings and wanted a unique experience separate from his Nexa company profile. We built a unique website that speaks to his potential customers and encourages them to contact him directly, ensuring the customer doesn’t stray away to another broker’s page on the parent site and keeps the business on his website. 

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